The College Library is the center of information resources in the college. It aims to provide the students and staff with books and other resource material that can help them in the teaching and learning process. Likewise, a suitable area to study and discuss, availability of computer with internet access, and audio/video viewing room for them to use interactive resource materials.

The Library has an area for computers and separate study area for male and female students.

Library Policies

  • The Library is for all, making noise are not allowed. Cell Phone use is forbidden in the library.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the library. Computers in the library are ONLY use for study.
  • Leave the book on the tables after using it .
  • Do not return it to its respective shelf.
  • Cooperate with the library staff and strictly follow the rules and regulations.
  • Student who do not adhere to the library rules will be subjected to punishment according to the internal college´s rules.
  • Students must bring papers for printing or photographing.
  • Library is not responsible for the loss of students´ stuff.

Circulation Policies

Patron category Current checkouts
Loan period Renewals allowed
Renewals allowed
Staff 5 3 weeks 2 3 weeks
Teacher/Lecturer 5 3 weeks 2 3 weeks
Student 3 2 weeks 2 2 weeks

If the Patron fails to return the borrowed book/s within the due date:

  • First time: he/she will be given a warning for him.
  • Second time: he /she the browning services will be stopped about him for one month.

If the Patron lost the borrowed book/s he / she is required to replace the books with same attributes or pay the cost of the book/s.


  • Provide the students/ staff of books and other learning materials.
  • Provide internet surfing for the students who wants to search and gain knowledge about the web.
  • Provide students with well suitable place for studying and discussion.
  • Assist all the staff and students printing materials such as newspaper, magazines and other sources of information.
  • Reproduce books and other printed materials for the students and staff.

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